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Americus Diamond Services

Americus Diamond is proud to offer not only the best jewelry at the best price in Iowa - but the best ongoing customer service around.

Our services include:

* Free cleaning & prong check for as long as you own your Americus Diamond purchase.
* On-site custom jewelers can create the perfect design using your gemstones, ours or both.
* Free gift wrapping for every purchase.
* Free appraisals on on all jewelry we sell.
* On-site repairs - fast jewelry repairs (sizing, setting, stone replacement, etc.), with jewelers on-site five days a week.
* Keeping your Surprise a Secret. We will do everything we can to keep that special proposal, anniversary or birthday gift a secret by limiting communication to cell or work numbers.

Americus Diamond Payment Options

Americus Diamond wants to make your purchase as easy as possible.
That is why we offer a variety of payment options.

Credit Cards: We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

Checks and Cash: Your checks and cash are always welcome at Americus Diamond.

Layaway: We offer layaway only on certain items. Please see store for details.

Why do I need Insurance?

Have you ever lost a piece of jewelry or had a piece of diamond jewelry stolen? If so, you know first-hand how important jewelry insurance can be.

Valuable pieces of jewelry, like your diamond engagement ring, are heirloom investments and should be insured against loss, damage, and theft.

When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Americus Diamond we provide you with a free appraisal for insurance. To understand how to insure your jewelry, contact the agent who handles your homeowner's or tenant's insurance to discuss adding a personal article floater or rider to your existing plan. Most insurance policies only cover $500 so it is very important to itemize and add coverage for your valuable jewelry items. Your agent can advise you on the amount of insurance needed for adequate coverage.

You may also want to consider using a jewelry insurance specialist such as Jewelers Mutual. For more information on their insurance programs contact one of their personal jewelry insurance customer service representatives at 888-884-2424.